An Accountable Care Organization.


Compliance Program

Citrus ACO has a Compliance Plan, structured to meet the guidelines as set forth by Medicare Shared Savings Program (Accountable Care Organizations).

Development and implementation of training programs for compliance, conflict of interest, HIPAA, fraud and abuse and other general areas is included in the compliance program.

Also web-based training and auditing programs for the ACO Participants.

Compliance Officer

Citrus ACO has designated a compliance officer who has oversight authority over the compliance committee. The Citrus ACO compliance officer (Carlene Wilson, MD, Compliance Officer) will do the following:

1. Oversee and monitor implementation of the Compliance Program
2. Review the program to ensure relevance and compliance with current Federal laws
3. Ensure the components of the Compliance Program are implemented to reduce fraud, waste, abuse, and mismanagement within the business office and throughout the revenue cycle
4. Encourage reporting of suspected fraud, waste, abuse, or mismanagement (without fear of retaliation) through training and other means of communication
5. Notify employees of applicable regulations, procedures, and guidelines

Compliance Committee

The compliance committee is comprised of Carlene Wilson, MD, Derek Pauley, CIO, Alexander Liu, MD and Mary Virginia Williams, RN. The role of the compliance committee is to assist the compliance officer in carrying out his duties and to assist with development, implementation, and oversight of the compliance program.